Caroline Dunkley


  1. When it comes to sponsorships, Caroline Dunkley is always our first choice. Besides being professional and punctual, she knows every single promoter in the UK. This simplifies the entire process and helps us to save a lot of precious time. So far everything has worked out smoothly and we are happy working with her

    — Michele Rose, Artist Alife Agency (DE)
  2. Hi here is Bruno from Half Baked. We have been working with Caroline for over 4 years with different bookings and services. It's my pleasure to say that she is a VERY reliable person and 100% trust worthy.

    — Bruno Cabral HBF Agency (UK)
  3. Caroline Dunkley has become essential and a lifesaver for us being able to work with different venues spontaneously, regardless of how big or small the promoter. Without her assistance with sponsorships for our non European artists, we wouldn't be able to work with 50% of the promoters we do business with.

    — Golchehr Ghavami GEIST Agency (DE)
  4. I have been working with Caroline for over two years now. Caroline makes my administration life way easier in regards to sponsoring our artists.

    Always available, she replies within the same day to our requests and the procedure doesn't take longer then 1 - 2 days when all papers are sent back in time.

    Ostgut Booking is really happy to work with Caroline, I can definitively recommend her.

    — Alexandra Ismalone Ostgut (DE)
  5. Keeping American DJ'S tucked up since...

    — Ben Start The Secret Agency (UK)
  6. Caroline's sponsorship of our artists has made a world of difference for my USA based artists. Without having Caroline Dunkley, our company would not be able to get as much work done with UK venue and promoters as we have been able to in the past 3 years. She is essential to X-Mix Productions' touring logistics and we very much value our relationship with her.

    — Marybeth Feeney Shea X-Mix Productions Incorporated (USA)
  7. As American artists who frequently tour in the UK, a knowledgeable Artist Management Company is the first priority in ensuring a trouble free entry. For the last several years we have worked with Caroline Dunkley, DJ & Artist Management as our liaison. Caroline is very knowledgeable and offers a reliable, worry free service, which is absolutely imperative for any artist working in the UK and we highly recommend her.

    — Buddy Greco and Lezlie Anders Greco |
  8. I've been working with Caroline for years now and her work has always been very professional. Definitely the right person to work with for your UK sponsorships

    — Myriam Lavoie Love City Central (DE)